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The New You!- How Proper Presentation In Social Media Reflects On You

For the final part of my Online Identity Assignment, I have selected three sources that give tips and techniques on making a professional and effective online profile.

For my first reference I have selected the article ” What Recruiters Look For in a 6-Second Resume Scan” by David Strom. This article was focused on how to draw attention to those areas of your resume that job recruiters focus on the most.  The image of where a reviewer was only focused on the first part of the resume (the one on the left) and then where their eye traffic was after it was edited.  The presentation was amazing and I will be employing such techniques in my resume revision ASAP.

I follow the stream on pretty regularly. I like because their website focus more on the IT community. To contrast that I thought it would be important to use LinkedIn as a way to connect with recruiters outside the IT enclave. For this I read Jobseeker’s Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile.  I found the article to be very similar to the ones on but what is nice is that it shows, if your applying the styles and techniques to your own resume, is one of uniformity and consistency.  Who you say you are on Dice is who you are on LinkedIn is who you are on Facebook.

Lastly I thought I would go back and examine my personal “brand”. Everything I’ve been doing is to present myself in a more professional manner, give credibility to my experience and education, and present myself as a Networking Professional who is looking to move into a career.  Why I chose this article is because it mentions that not only are you creating your “personal brand” but so are businesses. Trying to align these branding stratagems can get you into a relationship with business and potential employers if your name is continually associated with them.




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